Creole Child’s Chair

Unknown maker in Southern Louisiana

Unknown wood, possibly Mulberry,  with rush seat  Circa 1800

24 1/2” tall , seat height 9 1/2” , seat 12” x `14”


This chair with congealed darkened brown finish. Apparently painted with a build up of later old clear finishes. Note the back posts match exactly between seat and finials yet the order of the three elemental sections is reversed on either. The turner carved the finials on the opposite end of the intended symmetrical positions. The mindset upon discovery was, oh well, unwilling to waste effort or material assembled the chair as made. Exuberant turnings elevates the chair among its peers. Rush seat quite old and possibly original which seems highly unlikely excepting the entire chair assembly survives in such a choice state. The chair shows little use, wear or abuse. Overall condition is extraordinary, for a long collected form, which has escaped a refinish for over two centuries.