Folk Art

Cecropia Moth Whisk Broom Holder

Cecropia or Large North American Silk Worm Moth
Artist: Ernest R. Smith 1905 (1866 – 1951)
Thin Painted Plyboard
8″ x 10 1/4″ x 2 3/4″
Ref. no. kit36

Mill Scene

Artist: J.F. Whiting
Oil on Canvas
13 3/4″ x 19 3/8″ image size
ref. no. kit31

Big Frank at 2 Yrs.

ArtistHenry Dousa, LaFayette Ind. 1892
Pastel on Paper
17″ x 22″
Ref. No. kit21

Duke of Clinton’s Pride of Pigs

Artist: Henry Dousa 1876
Pencil & Charcoal on Paper
Ref. no. kit34


Rooster Drawing

Artist: Tasha Tudor (1915-2008)
Pencil on Paper
23 5/8″ x 18″
Ref. No. kit26

Portrait of Marquis de Lafayette & Eight Additional Subjects

Artist: Constantine Rafinesque 1783-1840

Nine pencil-on-paper bust portraits (two with reverse image). Paper size varies from 6 ½” x 4 7/8” for Lafayette, seven images are 6 3/8” x 3 7/8”, the smallest is 4 7/8” x 3 7/8”, all loose and unframed

Ref. No. 070327_013

Rustic Sewer Tile Tree Stump Vase with Attached Squirrel

Artist: J.H. Bell
Sewer Tile
6 1/4″ tall
Ref. No. kit24

Rustic Sewer Tile Tree Stump Lamp Base with Sculpted Squirrel

Artist: J.H. Bell
Sewer Tile
11 1/4″ tall
Ref. No. kit24

Henry Clay Jar

Likely potted in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
Three gallon capacity
Ref. No. 91112_069

Stoneware Jar with Incised Elephant Design

Ohio River Valley Origin
Two gallon capacity
Ref. No. 091112_064

Bayless McCarthy Louisville KY Stoneware Jug

Eagle Pottery
Cobalt Blue Decorated Stoneware
2 Gallon Capacity, 14 1/2″ tall
ref. no. kit13


Carved and Gilded Eagle

Unknown maker
Eagle 32″ tall, 88″ high with stand
Ref. No. 100308_010

Creek Scene

Artist: David Lucas (1948-present)
Oil on canvas board framed with “DL” monogram
Framed to 8 3/4″ x 10 3/4″
ref. no. kit30

Green Clay’s Beaker

Unknown artist dated 1813
Cattle horn with a worn silver dollar bottom
3¼” high
Ref. No. 080811_078

Waverley, Ohio in 1859

Artist: Richard H. Sheppard, (1819–1895)
Oil on canvas
32¾” x 45″ image size  (37½” x 49½” frame)
Ref. No. 091112_002

Late Hudson River-Style Landscapes (two paintings)

Artist: unknown American artist working in the mid-19th century
Oil on canvas
22” x 30” image size (26 ¼” x 34 ¼” frame size)
Ref. No. 070320_163

Portrait of Randal Davies

Artist: James Thomas Poindexter (1832-1891)
Oil on canvas
Image size 30” x 25” (framed 37” x 32”)
Ref. No. 100308_039

Portrait of a Young Man

Artist: S. Knight
Oil on stretched canvas
10” high by 8½ ” wide
Ref. No. 080811_173

Silver Mounted Inscribed Beaker

Unknown Artist
Cattle horn and silver alloy
4 5/8” high
Ref. No. 100310_006

Two Watercolor Miniatures

Artist: Elizabeth Cross
Probably American by Miss Cross who may later have adopted the name Elizabeth Fairchild after marriage
Dated 1830
Watercolor on paper
Woman: 3¾” x 2½”    Man: 3¾” x 2 3/8”
Ref. No. 150519_070

Still Life of a Basket of Fruit

Unknown American Artist
Second quarter of the 19th century
Oil on canvas
17 7/8” x 25 7/8” (Framed to 26½” x 34½”)
Ref. No. 150519_020

Pair of Oil Portraits

Artist: R. B. Crafft
Oil on canvas
Woman: 37½” x 29½” (frame size 44½” x 36¾”)
Man: 35 7/8” x 28” (frame size  43¾” x 35¾”)

Ref. No. 150519_003

Stoneware Jar with Incised Elephant Design
Ohio River Valley Origin
Two gallon capacity
Ref. No. 091112_064

Cast Iron Horse Head
Unknown Maker
Cast Iron
14½” height
Ref. No. kit08

Carved Figural Cane Midwestern or Southern
Unknown Artist
Dated 1844
Appears visually to be poplar
Ref. No. 150519_076

Engraved Powder Horn

Possibly of Native American origin
Cattle horn
5¾” long as the crow flies
Ref. No. 081105_038

Banner Bearing Coat of Arms for the State of Mississippi
Artist: Unknown
Oil on Canvas Scrolled to a Wooden Rod
63″ x 55″
Ref. No. kit15