Frontier & Native American – Compressed View

Frontier & Native American – Compressed View

Haida Belt Buckle
Artist: Jim Hart (1952 – present)
Silver, Abalone, Gold
2″ x 3⅛”
Ref. No. kit17

Jewelry Grade Haida Money Clip
Artist: Jim Hart (attributed)
Silber & Abalone
1 1/2″ x 2 1/8″
Ref. no. kit32

Two Northwest Coast Spoons
Artist: Martin 
Cedar & Paint
10″ length
Ref. no. kit33

Pipe Tomahawk
Unknown Maker
Wrought Iron (pewter or  lead) & Wood (ash or hickory)
Head 7″ length, Haft 17″
ref. no. kit07

Engraved Powder Horn
Possibly of Native American origin
Cattle horn
5¾” long as the crow flies
Ref. No. 081105_038

Green Clay’s Beaker
Unknown artist dated 1813
Cattle horn with a worn silver dollar bottom
3¼” high
Ref. No. 080811_078

Silver Mounted Inscribed Beaker
Unknown Artist
Cattle horn and silver alloy
4 5/8” high
Ref. No. 100310_006

Blac Hawk Powder Horn
Cattle Horn & Ink
Maker: Tim Tansel
15½” following the curve
Ref. No. kit04