Furniture & Wooden Objects

Furniture & Wooden Objects

Set of Five Split-Bottom Chairs
Maker: John Rogers from Ruddles Mill, Kentucky
Maple and Hickory
Adult size
Ref. No. 100512_022

Carved Garden Board
Artist: Cyrus – Campbell
Unidentified Soft Wood
12 1/2″ x 16 3/8″ x 12 5/8″
Ref. no. kit09

Salesman Samples of Furniture Moldings
Maker: R__ C Francis ___, Fulton __, NJ
Leather, Hard Wood, and Textile Ribbon
63” length with 6¾” long samples
Ref. No. kit12

Shagreen Tea Caddy
Maker: Unknown
Shagreen (shark or ray skin), Wood, Velvet, and Sterling Silver
8½” height, 12½” width, 5½” deep
Ref. No. kit11

Secretary & Bookcase
Unknown maker
Primary wood: cherry Secondary wood: poplar
49″ width, 95″ height, 24-5/8″ depth
Ref. No. 100308_015

Carved and Gilded Eagle
Unknown maker
Eagle 32″ tall, 88″ high with stand
Ref. No. 100308_010

Carved Figural Cane Midwestern or Southern
Unknown Artist
Dated 1844
Appears visually to be poplar
Ref. No. 150519_076