Hitching Post Finial

Hitching Post Finial

Unknown Foundry

Probably American origin within the 2nd half of the 19th century

Solid two part molded cast iron

13” tall weighing 12 lbs.


Young jockey figure with articulated arms (still able to raise and lower) holding a roped bar to secure a horse bridle. Remnants of green, brown, and white paint along with tiny specks of gilding. The gold seen in the valley between the youth’s knees and eye sockets. Trace specks of white appear to be the latest cover over a green which too a later application and the one, though sparse, the most intact. The brown likely a sizing under the gild. Once threaded for a 1 3/4” external diameter pipe. Only the outer most two courses of the threading remain. Two part solid casting with a tight weld exhibiting no overlap.  A fine early casting in a remarkable state of preservation considering it likely spent over a century in the elements. Have encountered another example with frozen arms having no evidence that they ever had movement.  That example no longer having facial nor clothing details. It probably was left unpainted for a lengthy period for the surface to have so eroded.