Silver & Metals

Marked American Naval Dirk

John Dalrymple
Steel, pewter, coin silver, ivory, and stag horn
11 1/2” total length

Three Richmond, Virginia Servers and an Alexandria, Virginia Dessert Spoon

Coin Silver
Richmond and Alexandria, Virginia
Maker: Mitchell & W.A.Williams
8 1/2” , 8 1/4” , 4 1/2” , & 7 3/8”
Ref. No. kit71

Two Charlotte & Salisbury, North Carolina Dessert Spoons

Charlotte & Salisbury
Maker: T&H and W. WYNNE
7 1/2” & 7 1/4″
Ref. No. kit70

Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver Lobster Ladle

Sterling Silver
Likely Cincinnati, Ohio
Maker: Duhme & Co.
12 3/8″ length
Ref. No. 68

Four Coin Silver Dessert Spoons by the Mormon’s Pioneer Silversmith

Maker: James Madison Barlow
7″ length
Circa 1840s
Origin: Lexington, Kentucky
Ref. No. kit63

Nashville, Tennessee Coin Silver Beaker

Circa 1835
Nashville, Tennessee
Maker: John M. Smith
3 1/4” height 3” rim dia
Ref. No. kit67

Long Porter Blanchard Sterling Ladle

Mid 20th Century
Origin: California
Maker: Porter Blanchard
17″ Length
Ref. No. kit66

Important Early Detroit Coin Silver Soup Ladle

Detroit, Michigan
15 3/8” Length
Ref. No. kit64

Large Savannah, Georgia Coin Silver Ladle

Savannah, Georgia
Maker: Penfield and Company
13 3/4” length
Ref. No. kit65

Four Silver Christening Cups

Makers: Two coin silver cups, J DRAPER, (1832–1856)
A coin silver cup, E & D KINSEY, (1844–1861)
A silver-plated cup, maker unknown, 1880

4¾” tall, 6¼” across the handles
Ref. No. 081105_007

Coin Silver Stuffing Spoon

Maker: Antoine Danjean, 1781-1827
12¼” long
Ref. No. 081105_024

Heroic Presentation

Maker: R. & W. Wilson
Dated:  July 7, 1844
Coin Silver
12” to top of handle
Ref. No. 150519_035

Coin Silver Chamber Stick

Maker: Samuel Kirk
Baltimore, Maryland
Circa 1840s
Coin Silver
4 5/8” base dia.     3½” height
Ref. No. 150519_040