Haida Belt Buckle
Artist: Jim Hart (1952 – present)
Silver, Abalone, Gold
2″ x 3⅛”
Ref. No. kit17

Cast Iron Horse Head
Unknown Maker
Cast Iron
14½” height
Ref. No. kit08

Brass Teapot

Brass with Copper Rivets at Handle Pivots
7 3/4″ with handle extended, pot 5 1/8″ diameter
ref. no. kit22

Nine Teaspoons
Asa Blanchard (circa 1770 – 1838)
Coin Silver
Ref. No. kit03

Dessert Spoon
Samuel Bell (1798-1881)
Coin Silver
7¼” length
Ref. No. kit05

Coin Silver Teaspoon

Samuel Ayres
Coin Silver
5¾” length
Ref. No. kit06

Great Blue Heron Sheet Copper Weathervane
Unknown American Maker
Second half of 19th century 
Sheet copper
60½” from beak to wing tip, 24” from peak to base of ball
Ref. No. 150519_102

Horse & Jockey Weathervane
American, probably 4th quarter of the 19th century

33¼” length from tips of tail and front right hoof; 18″ high from front left ankle to rider’s hat; approximately 3¼” wide at horse’s breast

Ref. No. 110613_062

Four Silver Christening Cups

Makers: Two coin silver cups, J DRAPER, (1832–1856)
A coin silver cup, E & D KINSEY, (1844–1861)
A silver-plated cup, maker unknown, 1880

4¾” tall, 6¼” across the handles
Ref. No. 081105_007

Coin Silver Ladle

Maker: Samuel Best, (1776–1859) circa 1810–1820
1801-1802 Paris, KY; 1802-1818 Cincinnati, OH; 1818–1859 Rising Sun, IN

6-5/8″ length
Ref. No. 110613_039

Nine Coin Silver Teaspoons

Marked S.ROBB, Chillicothe, Ohio, Circa 1830–1840
5-7/8″ length
Ref. No. 110613_045

Coil Silver Stuffing Spoon

Maker: Antoine Danjean, 1781-1827
12¼” long
Ref. No. 081105_024

Carved and Gilded Eagle

Unknown maker
Eagle 32″ tall, 88″ high with stand
Ref. No. 100308_010

Heroic Presentation

Maker: R. & W. Wilson
Dated:  July 7, 1844
Coin Silver
12” to top of handle
Ref. No. 150519_035

Coin Silver Chamber Stick

Maker: Samuel Kirk
Baltimore, Maryland
Circa 1840s
Coin Silver
4 5/8” base dia.     3½” height
Ref. No. 150519_040

Coin Silver Dog Collar

Maker: Stevens, N.Y.C.

Late 1860s Coin Silver

6½” dia. as imaged with the capability to extend 2½” more

Fair, a bit battered but an amazing survivor considering the vulnerability of the form

Ref. No. 150519_059