Portraits of the Steers Mastadon & Bald Knob

Carl Freigau del. 1876 (1849- ? )
Working in Dayton, Ohio
Watercolor on paper 23” x 28” framed to 32” x37”

 Impressive pendant watercolor portraits of two steers taken at M.V. B Davis’ Tramp Retreat Farm near Mechanicsburg in Champaign Co. Ohio.  Both artist signed by Carl Freigau and dated 1876.   Legend in script for Mastadon reads Mastadon, the Best Bullit Ever Slaughtered on the American Continent  Dressing at 77 lbs. _ _ _ _ CWT.  Raised & Fed by M. V. B. Davis  Champaign Co. O.  Purchased by A. G. Thomas of London Madison Co. O. slaughtered for the Holidays 1876           Script legend for Bald Knob reads Bald Knob was raised & fed by M.V.B. Davis’ Tramps Retreat near Mechanicsburg Champaign County Ohio  Purchased by A.G. Thomas London Madison Co. O. & slaughtered for the Holidays 1876  weight 2700 lbs .  Both portraits with vertical paper burns from backboards.  Now with acid free backing , clear liners to create space between paper & glass, and museum UV filtering glass.  Brown stains can be in-painted competently with pastels by Terry Boyle at Cincinnati Art Group should one choose. Frames in fine original finish appear original and toned paper is complete with out tears nor damp stains.