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Model of a Paddle-Wheeler
Unknown Maker
Wood, Nails, Metal & Paint
29” High x 55” x 18”

Coin Silver Teaspoon
Samuel Ayres
Coin Silver
5¾” length
Ref. No. kit06

Richmond, Virginia Coin Silver Soup Ladle
William McCay
12 1/2” length
Ref. No. kit50

Silver Mounted Inscribed Beaker
Unknown Artist
Cattle horn and silver alloy
4 5/8” high
Ref. No. 100310_006

Still Life by Henry Faulkner
Henry Faulkner (1924-1981)
Casein & Oil on Masonite
10” x 12” Image size framed 13 3/8” x15 1/8”
Ref. # Kit61


Great Blue Heron Sheet Copper Weathervane
Unknown American Maker
Second half of 19th century 
Sheet copper
60½” from beak to wing tip, 24” from peak to base of ball
Ref. No. 150519_102

Carved Garden Board
Artist: Cyrus – Campbell
Unidentified Soft Wood
12 1/2″ x 16 3/8″ x 12 5/8″
Ref. no. kit09

Green Waco Bud Vase
Mountain Handicraft WACO, KY. (1930-1933)
Slip glazed stoneware
3 7/8″ tall
Ref. No. 100517_049

Dessert Spoon
Maker: Samuel Bell (1798-1881)
Coin Silver
7¼” length
Ref. No. kit05

Paint Decorated Poplar Storage Chest
Almost Certainly African American Southern States Origin
23 3/4” x  37” x 17”
Ref. No. kit49

Horse & Jockey Weathervane
American, probably 4th quarter of the 19th century
33¼” length from tips of tail and front right hoof; 18″ high from front left ankle to rider’s hat; approximately 3¼” wide at horse’s breast
Ref. No. 110613_062

Holiday Ave. in Blue
Artist: Henry Faulkner (1928-1981)
Casein & Oil on Masonite
11″ x 14″
Ref. No. kit01

Lions of Judah
Carved and Painted Mahogany 
Likely Midwestern American Origin
37” x 26” x 4” (measured diagonally)
Ref. No. kit48

Old Green Pie Safe
Poplar, A Soft Conifer (likely white pine), & Indented Sheet Metal
Unknown American Origin
66 3/4” H. x  51” x 25 1/4”
Ref. No  kit47

Four Table Gardening Scenes
Artist: David Lucas (1948-present)
Oil on canvas board framed with “DL” monogram
Images approximate 4″ x 6″ or 6″ x 4″
ref. no. kit29

Young Couple Adrift
Artist: Henry Faulkner (1928-1981)
Casein & Oil on Masonite
9 3/4″ by 12 5/8″
Ref. No. kit23

Coin Silver Dog Collar
Maker: Stevens, N.Y.C.
Late 1860s Coin Silver
6½” dia. as imaged with the capability to extend 2½” more
Ref. No. 150519_059

Nine Teaspoons
Maker: Asa Blanchard (circa 1770 – 1838)
Coin Silver
Ref. No. kit03

Haida Belt Buckle
Artist Unknown
Silver, Abalone, Gold
2″ x 3⅛”
Ref. No. kit17

“The First Set”
Power loomed Silk Thread Embroidery
2″ x 6″ sight size framed to 7″ x 8 3/4″
ref. no. kit28

Carved Garden Board
Artist: Cyrus – Campbell
Unidentified Soft Wood
12 1/2″ x 16 3/8″ x 12 5/8″
Ref. no. kit09

Banner Bearing Coat of Arms for the State of Pennsylvania
Artist Unknown
Oil on Canvas Scrolled to a Wooden Road
57″ x 46″
Ref. No. kit16

Pig Painting
Artist: Unknown
Oil on stretched canvas
12⅛” x 16⅛” framed to 14″ x 18″
Ref. No. kit14

Blac Hawk Powder Horn
Cattle Horn & Ink
Maker: Tim Tansel
15½” following the curve
Ref. No. kit04

Pipe Tomahawk
Unknown Maker
Wrought Iron (pewter or  lead) & Wood (ash or hickory)
Head 7″ length, Haft 17″
ref. no. kit07

Brass Teapot
Brass with Copper Rivets at Handle Points
7 3/4″ with handle extended, pot 5 1/8″ diameter

View of the Hermitage Distillery at Frankfort, Kentucky
Artist unknown, circa 1880
Chromolithographed central image with reverse paint under glass surround
27″ x 35¼” image (33½” x 41″frame)
Ref. No. 091112_033

Blac Hawk Powder Horn
Maker: Tim Tansel
Cattle Horn & Ink
15½” following the curve
Ref. No. kit04

Harrison’s Heart Orange
Artist Unknown
Sheet Metal & Paint
14 1/4″ diameter
Ref. No. kit27

Church of St. Joseph Standing in Piazza IX Aprile, Taormina, Italy

Artist: Henry Faulkner (1928-1981)
Casein and Oil on Masonite
25″ x 19″
Ref. No. kit02

Train Approaching a Pass
Carl Christian Brenner
Oil on canvas
26 ¼” x 46 ¼” image size (30 ½” x 50 ½” frame size)
Ref. No. 070320_042

A View of Col. Owens Furnace
Artist: George Beck, 1748-1812
Gouache and watercolor on paper
17” x 23” image size (22 ¾” x 28 ¾” frame size)
Ref. No. 070320_153

Evening View of Irvine, Kentucky, c. 1910
Artist: Paul Sawyier (1865-1917)
Watercolor on heavy paper
14″ x 20″ image (23½” x 30″ frame)
Ref. No. 070320_186

A Still Life of Flowers in a Black Vase
Artist: Henry Faulkner (1928 -1981)
Casein and oil on masonite
20” h by 16” w image (25 ¼” by 21 ¼” frame size)
Ref. No. 080811_151

Woman in Red Dress
Artist: Edgar Tolson, 1904-1984
Carved and polychrome poplar figure on stand
12-1/8″ tall inclusive of 5/8″ high stand
Ref. No. 081219_049

Water Lily Water Pitcher, circa 1855
Maker: Baldwin & Company, Newark, New Jersey
Coin silver
11-1/8″ high to top of handle with little more than a half-gallon capacity
Ref. No. 100310_002

Pair of Silver Beakers
William Poindexter, 1818-1884
Coin silver
3½” high
Ref. No. 100310_004

Silver Fair Premium Beaker
Maker: Edward Kinsey, 1810-1865
Coin silver
3¾” high
Ref. No. 100310_007

Silver Beaker
Maker: Asa Blanchard, circa 1770 – 1838
Coin silver
3-3/8″ high
Ref. No. 100310_009

Handled Silver Beaker
Maker: James I. Lemon (working 1828-1869)
Coin silver
2-7/8″ high
Ref. No. 100310_013

Handled Silver Beaker
Unknown maker
Coin silver
3-1/8″ high
Ref. No. 100310_015

Six Coin Silver Spoons
Maker: David Kinsey and Company, 1819-1874
Ref. No. 100310_029

Coin Silver Teaspoon
Maker: Asa Blanchard (circa 1770-1838)
Ref. No. 100310_032

Five Coin Silver Dessert Spoons
Maker: George Washington Donigan, (1776–1859)
Working in Nashville, TN 1845–1860
6-15/16″ length
Ref. No. 110613_047

Coin Silver Sugar Tongs
Maker: Evans C. Beard, (1796–1864),
circa 1825-1840 Louisville, Kentucky
6-5/8″ length
Ref. No. 110613_052

Coin Silver Teaspoons – Set of Four
Maker: Antoine Oneille, (1764–1820)
Detroit, MI 1797–1803; Vincennes, IN 1803–1817; St. Louis, MO, 1817–1820
5-7/8″ length
Ref. No. 100512_059

Blanket Chest
Unknown maker
Primary woods: butternut and maple Secondary wood: poplar
37″ w by 36½” h by 20″ d
Ref. No. 100308_002

George III Games Table
Unknown maker
Primary wood: oak
27” high, 30” wide, 18¼” deep, 36½” deep with top extended
Ref. No. 100512_021

Unknown maker
Walnut primary and secondary woods with fruitwood and walnut veneers
40¾” high, 61” wide, 22¼” deep
Ref. No. 100512_029

Blanket Box
Unknown maker, attributed to Bourbon County, Kentucky
Primary wood: walnut Secondary wood: walnut and oak
21½ ” h x 47¾ ” w x 21 3/8″ d
Ref. No. 100512_036

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