Silver Mounted Inscribed Beaker (100310_006)

Silver Mounted Inscribed Beaker

Unknown Artist

Cattle horn and silver alloy

4 5/8” high

Ref. No. 100310_006

This silver-mounted horn cup has a mermaid, sailing ship, and fish among various plants, blooms, and a garland device scrimshawed in a total surround. A poem is inscribed from what one might deduce to be a sailor to his farmer friend: Around this Horn in sculptured letters see a friendly token Jerrold received from me And when the Harvest toils shall sweat the brow May its Cheering draughts fast speed the plow. Add fresh vigor to the Manly nerves And bring Industry what its toil deserves. The beaker likely dates to the late 18th century or within the first half of the 19th century. It is in fine condition.