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Jug with Incised Bird Softly Filled with Cobalt

R. Weaver
Salt Gazed Stoneware
Four Gallon
Ref. No. kit78

Cast Iron Bookend or Paper Weight of FDR

Cast Iron & Paint
4 3/4″ Tall, 2 1/2″ Depth
Unknown Maker
Ref. No. kit75

Green Wing Teal by Lester Carrigan

Maker: Lester Carrigan
10 3/4″ length, 3 3/4″ width at widest point
Circa 1930
Rome, Illinois
Ref. No. kit74

Miniature Painting on Paper of a Young Man

1830s or 40s
American Origin
2 1/4” x 1 5/8” sight size
Ref. No. kit73

Three Richmond, Virginia Servers and an Alexandria, Virginia Dessert Spoon

Coin Silver
Richmond and Alexandria, Virginia
Maker: Mitchell & W.A.Williams
8 1/2” , 8 1/4” , 4 1/2” , & 7 3/8”
Ref. No. kit71

Two Charlotte & Salisbury, North Carolina Dessert Spoons

Charlotte & Salisbury
Maker: T&H and W. WYNNE
7 1/2” & 7 1/4″
Ref. No. kit70

Mackey Collection Old Squaw Decoy

11 5/8″ Length , 6 3/4″ Tall
Unknown Maker
Ref. No. kit69

Aesthetic Movement Sterling Silver Lobster Ladle

Sterling Silver
Likely Cincinnati, Ohio
Maker: Duhme & Co.
12 3/8″ length
Ref. No. 68

Four Coin Silver Dessert Spoons by the Mormon’s Pioneer Silversmith

Maker: James Madison Barlow
7″ length
Circa 1840s
Origin: Lexington, Kentucky
Ref. No. kit63

Nashville, Tennessee Coin Silver Beaker

Circa 1835
Nashville, Tennessee
Maker: John M. Smith
3 1/4” height 3” rim dia
Ref. No. kit67

Long Porter Blanchard Sterling Ladle

Mid 20th Century
Origin: California
Maker: Porter Blanchard
17″ Length
Ref. No. kit66

Important Early Detroit Coin Silver Soup Ladle

Detroit, Michigan
15 3/8” Length
Ref. No. kit64

Large Savannah, Georgia Coin Silver Ladle

Savannah, Georgia
Maker: Penfield and Company
13 3/4” length
Ref. No. kit65

“No Hunting on This Farm” by W.S. McCleary

Artist: W. S. McCleary
Carved Single Plank of Wood (Maple ?)
15 3/4” x 41” x 1/4″
Ref. No.: kit62

Bluegrass Area Hide Covered Box

Artist Unknown
Deer Hide, wood, brass, wrought iron, newsprint, and tanned leather
6 ¾” x 15” x 9”

The Squirrel Hunter

Artist: Frank W. Long (1908 – 1999)

Wood Block Print, Special Ed. #2

Printed Image 9⅞” x 6″, matted and not examined out of frame so paper size is undetermined. Frame 21″ x 16″

Ref. No. kit18

Rustic Sewer Tile Tree Stump Lamp Base with Sculpted Squirrel

Artist: J.H. Bell
Sewer Tile
11 1/4″ tall
Ref. No. kit24

Big Frank at 2 Yrs.

ArtistHenry Dousa, LaFayette Ind. 1892
Pastel on Paper
17″ x 22″
Ref. No. kit21

Rooster Drawing

Artist: Tasha Tudor (1915-2008)
Pencil on Paper
23 5/8″ x 18″
Ref. No. kit26

Carved Figural Cane Midwestern or Southern

Unknown Artist
Dated 1844
Appears visually to be poplar
38” length
Ref. No. 150519_076

Portrait of the Thoroughbred Kentucky

Artist: Edward Troye, 1808-1874
Oil on canvas
31” x 38¾” image size (38” x 45¾” frame size)
Ref. No. 070320_002

Florida Beach Scene

Artist: Robert Burns Wilson (1850-1916)
Watercolor and gouache on paper
12-3/8″ x 21-¾”
Ref. No. 080811_178

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