Candle – Slide Box

Candle – Slide Box

Signed:  Harry F. Augley ( Owner or Maker ? )

Likely dates Within First Third of 19th Century

Paint Decorated Soft Conifer

6 3/8” x 18 1/4” x 10”


This box retains the original paint having been joined by a skilled cabinet maker and surviving in an amazing state of preservation.  The raised panel lid with beveled edge glides into a mitered dovetailed case with a molded top edge joined by a pegged bevel edged bottom placing it among the best crafted of the form.  The original paint is 99 percent plus intact as made with little in the way of bruising. The only loss is a  3/16” x 1 7/8” sliver of wood lost from the lid’s front corner.  For clarification the back corner is where I call the finger grip channels sited.  That sliver element partly hidden when the lid is in a closed position.  The painted surface of the lid has darkened from two centuries of gravity and grime though not to an obstructive degree.  No in-paint detected under black light nor restoration. Signed with pencil on the underside of the lid Harry F. Augley in a practiced cursive script.  Probably the maker or an owner.  The placement arguably may slightly lean to a maker.  Most likely made early in the 19th century with some possibility of being slightly earlier.  Pennsylvania the most likely origin and if not, nearby.  

 Koehler Auctions, Earl Robacker
 Wm. S. Koch Sale Lot 242 held 6-5-1999 at Pook & Pook
 David Good Sale Lot 49 held 1-8-2022 at New haven Auctions