Important Early Detroit Coin Silver Soup Ladle (kit64)

Important Early Detroit Coin Silver Soup Ladle

 Detroit, Michigan
15 3/8” Length
Ref. No. kit64


This coin silver ladle firmly dates between 1803-1805 marked by Pierre-Jean Desnoyers & Jean-Baptiste Piquette. The great Detroit fire of 1805 destroyed their shop and the partnership. Both smiths focused their business to Native American trade silver manufacture. I know of no other tableware by this partnership. Bowl of ladle has a small divot which does not penetrate through the wall though the depth would indicate a dent resulted from the blow. Slight denting (barely visible) at this site which indicates a larger dent was worked smooth with associated hard polishing at the injury. Entire bowl possibly buffed though light scratching remains. Handle with light scratches. Otherwise good condition with partially struck monogram cartouches. Heavy gauge material with period script monogram possibly reading “I B” .