A Garden Harvest, Helen Turner (150519_026)

A Garden Harvest, Oil Painting

Artist: Helen Turner (1858-1958)

Circa 1907

Oil on canvas

13” x 10”

Ref. No. 150519_026


Turner’s journey to become a professional artist was a protracted process when in 1907 at age 49 she exhibited this painting at The Art Institute of Chicago. Probably completed after accompanying Wm. Merritt Chase on two student trips to Europe in 1904 and 1905. This work is among her earliest paintings after embracing Impressionism. It was exhibited again in the 1983 A Retrospective Exhibition, which traveled to four museums. The painting was also in the 2010 exhibition, The Woman’s Point of View held at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, then later traveled to two other venues. Turner’s path as an artist was deliberate with a late start, yet gratifying from acknowledgement of being a highly respected artist in America, whose works were widely exhibited through the first third of the 20th century. In 1914 The Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased a portrait from her for the permanent collection. By 1921 she is the fourth woman ever to have been selected for full membership to the National Academy of Design. Turners associations include important artists of her day and span several locales. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, raised in New Orleans, and creating many of her most enduring works at Cragsmoor, New York. She was an early member of that colony having first visited in 1906 by persuasion of Charles Courtney Curran. There she built her summer home in 1910 naming it Takusan, while living the winters in New Orleans. Turner’s better works are not numerous with the best mostly held in museum collections. A recommended reference for the artist, where much of the above was distilled, is Helen Turner The Woman’s Point of View by Maia Jalenak & Jane Ward Faquin, an exhibition catalog published by The Dixon Gallery and Gardens at Memphis, Tennessee. Excellent condition. Relined with indecipherable signature.