Sold: Blanket Chest

Blanket Chest

Unknown maker

Primary woods: butternut and maple Secondary wood: poplar

37″ w by 36½” h by 20″ d

Ref. No. 100308_002


This blanket chest relates to a group of furniture from southern Kentucky within the Green, Metcalf, Barren, and Taylor County area. This school of furniture has an affinity to Shaker furniture with styling and combination of primary woods. The use of maple and butternut together is seldom encountered elsewhere in the state, suggesting that this shop could have had an association at one time with a Shaker community which embraced this combination—South Union being the closest possibility. A Shaker-trained cabinetmaker leaving the community would seem a logical scenario. More than one cabinetmaker or shop was involved as construction details are not consistent within this school, making this a perplexing subject for in-depth study. The chest is refinished with knob replacements and an added strip at hinges for repair of a breakout. It is otherwise original with no integrity issues.