Young Couple Adrift, Henry Faulkner (kit23)

Young Couple Adrift

Artist: Henry Faulkner (1928-1981)
Casein & Oil on Masonite
9 3/4″ by 12 5/8″
Ref. No. kit23

Dreamy Faulkner likely accomplished while visiting Italy or Sicily. Henry painted several thematic examples of a pilotless craft transporting a young androgynous couple, pleasantly adrift in sky or sea. The revisited narrative relating to this work I have never been able to firmly decipher. Puberty? Marriage? A lark? Perhaps an illustrative moment relating to a myth?

Framed by Clossons and likely sold through that Cincinnati firm who, as a vendor, was Henry’s most successful gallery. Closson’s held several solo shows exhibiting Faulkner’s work. Excellent original condition.