Jewelry Grade Haida Belt Buckle, Jim Hart (kit17)

Haida Jewelry Grade Belt Buckle

Artist: Jim Hart (1952 – present)
Silver, Abalone, Gold
2″ x 3⅛”
Ref. No. kit17

Cast silver with superb finish work. This buckle is among Hart’s earliest works having a copyright date of 1979 incised on the reverse along with J.H. and 75/100. Content mark of Sterling and either 14k or 18k (second digit indistinct) accompany the other vital information.

Hart in August 1999 received the name “7idansuu” as hereditary chief of the Haida Eagle Clan. Hart’s mother (Joan Hart) is the granddaughter of the master carver Charles Edenshaw (1839-1924), also a former chief of the clan.

Condition is excellent as made, possibly never fitted for its intended function