Sold: Silver Beaker, Asa Blanchard

Silver Beaker

Maker: Asa Blanchard, circa 1770 – 1838

Coin silver

3-3/8″ high

Ref. No. 100310_009


This cup bears the mark of BLANCHARD in a cartouche. The stamp moved when struck creating a blurred strike with the NCHARD being the only fully visible letters. The BLA portion is only partially visible at the upper level. The A and pellet, which undoubtedly preceded the BLANCHARD, are mostly lost. The flat-bottom style of this beaker is not often encountered. When found in Ky. it invariably occurs on work by Lexington silversmiths in the 1815-1820 period. The bottom, which is folded over the sides, forms a stepped molding. This style is found among Blanchard’s earlier cups with this example having a finely engraved feathered monogram, which may read DH. Good surface with a few shallow dings and light scratching. The base has three indentations, one of which shows an old braised repair visible from the inside exposure. That base dent, being the most severe, is visible in the image.