Sold: Woman in a Red Dress

Woman in Red Dress

Artist: Edgar Tolson, 1904-1984

Carved and polychrome poplar figure on stand

12-1/8″ tall inclusive of 5/8″ high stand

Ref. No. 081219_049


This unsigned Tolson carving is likely a product from the artist’s most active commercial period between 1967-1982. Head and body are carved from a single block of poplar with applied arms and feet. The eyes are treated with the irises penciled in with graphite and pupils dotted a flat red in contrast to the red enamel of the dress. The hair is in brown enamel with the shoes rendered in black. The unpainted areas have toned to a light brown possibly from conditions resulting from either a home heating system or kitchen environment. This patination is an acceleration of what time might have accomplished. There are three, unobtrusive areas of white paint scuff marks in the hair at crest of brow where the figure made contact with a white painted surface; otherwise, fine and original with no restoration. Although not scarce, human figure carvings by Tolson with this much paint are not found with great frequency.