Watercolor miniature of William Blakesley (150519_070)

Artist: Elizabeth Cross

Probably American by Miss Cross who may later have adopted the name Elizabeth Fairchild after marriage

Dated 1830

Watercolor on paper

 3¾” x 2 3/8”

Ref. No. 150519_070


An intriguing miniature portrait of a man with inscription reading: Wm. B. Blakesley’s Miniature A. D. 1830. The reverse of his image reads: Hand painted Miss Elizabeth Cross. Later inscription also on the backside of image and presumably by another hand reads by E. Fairchild. The later inscription would seem possibly to be a name change for Miss Cross after a marriage. The frame appears to be old with a later face plate applied to match a woman’s portrait (Jane E. Rings, now sold) which had the same framing though in the woman’s case an original facing. An image of her portrait can be found among the sold items. The inscription on the front of his portrait does not conform to the aperture of the frame as did the woman nor does the paper size fill the view. I am guessing although an old frame with a restored front facing that he may have not been intended for the frame for which he is now housed. Both portraits dated the same year by Elizabeth Cross but presented in differing format as to legend suggest that there may have been some lapse between sittings. Have not tried to discover the whereabouts of the individuals so someone may be able to discern a locale considering you have four names for attempting a trace. Good condition. Images good, the frame on the man has, as mentioned, a restored frontal board.