Ceramics & Pottery

Jug with Incised Bird Softly Filled with Cobalt

R. Weaver
Salt Gazed Stoneware
Four Gallon
Ref. No. kit78

Rustic Sewer Tile Tree Stump Lamp Base with Sculpted Squirrel

Artist: J.H. Bell
Sewer Tile
11 1/4″ tall
Ref. No. kit24

Henry Clay Jar

Likely potted in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
Three gallon capacity
Ref. No. 91112_069

Stoneware Jar with Incised Elephant Design

Ohio River Valley Origin
Two gallon capacity
Ref. No. 091112_064

Green Art Pottery Vase

Genuine Bybee (1922-1926)
Slip glazed stoneware
8- 3/8″ tall
Ref. No. 100517_031

Blue Waco Vase

HAND MADE WACO (1922-1925)
Slip glazed stoneware
7¼” tall
Ref. No. 100517_038

Green Waco Vase

HAND MADE Waco Ky (1922-1945)
Slip glazed stoneware
7″ tall
Ref. No. 100517_040

Green Waco Vase

HAND MADE Waco(1922-1945)
Slip glazed stoneware
6-3/8″ tall
Ref. No. 100517_047

Green Waco Basket Vase

Unmarked Waco, Kentucky pottery
Slip glazed stoneware
5¼” tall
Ref. No. 100517_062

Blue Waco Pinched Vase

WACO, KY. (1922-1945)
Slip glazed stoneware
2¾” tall
Ref. No. 100517_066

Small Blue Bybee Urn

Genuine Bybee(1922-1926)
Slip glazed stoneware
5-5/8″ tall, 6¾” diameter
Ref. No. 100517_067