Frontier & Native American

Marked American Naval Dirk

John Dalrymple
Steel, pewter, coin silver, ivory, and stag horn
11 1/2” total length

Important Early Detroit Coin Silver Soup Ladle

Detroit, Michigan
15 3/8” Length
Ref. No. kit64

Four Coin Silver Dessert Spoons by the Mormon’s Pioneer Silversmith

Maker: James Madison Barlow
7″ length
Circa 1840s
Origin: Lexington, Kentucky
Ref. No. kit63

Bluegrass Area Hide Covered Box

Artist Unknown
Deer Hide, wood, brass, wrought iron, newsprint, and tanned leather
6 ¾” x 15” x 9”

Jewelry Grade Haida Money Clip

Silber & Abalone
1 1/2″ x 2 1/8″
Ref. no. kit32

Two Northwest Coast Spoons

Artist: Martin 
Cedar & Paint
10″ length
ref. no. kit33

Engraved Powder Horn

Possibly of Native American origin
Cattle horn
5¾” long as the crow flies
Ref. No. 081105_038

Carved Figural Cane Midwestern or Southern

Unknown Artist
Dated 1844
Appears visually to be poplar
38” length
Ref. No. 150519_076

W.L.A. Leather and Iron Fire Bucket

Attributed to use in Lexington, Kentucky, 1820–1821

Maker: W. Dukehalt / Balt. 

9-3/8″ dia. at top, 10-5/8″ tall excluding swing handle

Ref. No. 110613_058

Coin Silver Stuffing Spoon

Maker: Antoine Danjean, 1781-1827
12¼” long
Ref. No. 081105_024